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We are the real leaders of the class struggle!

There has been inarguably – throughout human history – a prevalent class system, in which the classes are sharply distinguished from each other and in which the means of differentiation are constantly changing according to contemporary social attitudes and customs.

The class system is just as prevalent today as it has ever been – although it isn’t as starkly obvious nowadays, nor as drastic as during the Victorian period or early twentieth century.
At the turn of the century, with the creation of the NHS and with reduced levels of poverty, higher levels of education, industry and employment the differences became more negligible – but they did and do still exist.

The National Health Service is becoming increasingly strained, there isn’t enough accommodation for British people; towns and cities are becoming increasingly ethnic and levels of poverty and unemployment are rising. At this rate, white British people are inevitably destined to become a persecuted and unacknowledged minority.

Only the ignorant left could obstinately deny and seriously believe that immigrants aren’t largely responsible for these problems. The self-proclaimed leaders of ‘class warfare’ often are from relatively well-off or comfortable financial backgrounds whereas everyone I’ve personally met and associated with within the far-right – with the exception of one or two people – are legimately working-class.

People that have been forced to associate with the social, cultural, moral and financial problems in their day-to-day lives can’t be convinced otherwise by Marxist/ liberal/left-wing rhetoric or afford to deny the plain and apparent truth. Firsthand and on a national level, these people are forced to observe their country, towns and cities becoming increasingly ethnic, hostile and foreign environments.

A white man living in Peckham, Lewisham, Deptford, Brixton, Bradford, Luton, Manchester, etc. may come to a different realization politically than a man from Virgina Water or Somerset…

The simple truth is: accepting large amounts of immigrants into the country – when they usually assimilate into poorer towns and cities – can only be harmful and indeed damaging to the interests of white, working-class people. How many times do you hear it said that their behaviour, attitudes and poverty are the result of upbringing and environment? They might be produced by the environment around them but they are largely responsible for producing it too.

Some behaviour and characteristics are racially ingrained and despite our best attempts to correct them haven’t, can’t and won’t change. You can take the African out of Africa but it doesn’t take the African out of him – he has the same inherited mentality and behaviour as his ancestors, in the same way that we do too.

We are the real champions of class struggle, as the only people that actively seek to genuinely improve social and political conditions which in turn benefit everyone in society – including the working-classes. We seek to one day eradicate the relevance of class; the only important criteria for the future people’s state is that you are the member of a united national community.

It’s a fact of existence that hierarchy is innate – which we don’t deny, but in the people’s state every citizen has an allotted responsibility (based on personal ability and whichever career they decide to pursue after finishing education) and is a necessary member of the national community and is valued as such.

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