Why National Action?

For what reason do we need National Action?

At the moment, there is an abundance of ideas and projects which aren’t being properly developed within the far-right which – due to their abundance – eventually conflict and yield each other ineffective; this is because they haven’t been properly prepared and haven’t had enough real support, beyond encouragement and promises of help (which often doesn’t come). It should be fairly obvious that a hurried and confused mass of different people individually trying to remedy the same problem without a concentration of attention and real effort isn’t going to result in any notable change.

People shouldn’t be encouraged just because it’s better than no activism at all. Everything those people involve themselves in is a direct failure. Rather than point out the obvious shortcomings and eventual flaws of a plan or idea, people actively encourage these people just because they mean well and can’t bring themselves to pour cold water on hot enthusiasm.

We all recognize that there isn’t an effective, truly nationalist group or organization in existence which accurately represents our radicalism and militancy without consistently embarrassing itself – not until now anyway. There’s a balance to be struck here: we need to appear radical and militant as well as sensible and intelligent.

Everyone who feels unsatisfied with current conditions feels right in creating a new organization and starting a new party. They do their best to appear professional and businesslike, as though the public were attracted to politicians with the charisma of an accountant or office worker – as if through making their politics seem more reasonable and trying to appear less racist and radical, the public will magically awaken from it’s self-paralyzing fear and hatred of anything considered ‘racist’. As if by magic they’d stop voting for the same old parties and their entire attitude would completely change – only compelling financial circumstances and towns and cities becoming increasingly ethnic would be responsible for such a dramatic attitude change.

We live in a selfish age where a problem is only a problem if it inconveniences you personally and so any change can only be motivated by personal concern. Things must and will definitely become worse before things can begin to get better.

Until things become unbearable for every individual, only then will anything arise out of the widespread desperation, misery and formerly restrained and long dormant instinct of our people: out of the recognition that we don’t need to fight and struggle to get ahead of each another – which is the Judaized, contemporary attitude of most ordinary people. Through the general betterment of society the individual also benefits. This will be a period of poverty and misery which will bring people back to basics.

Slavery is freedom as freedom is slavery, as Orwell surmised. Freedom is a humanitarian ideal which doesn’t naturally occur or exist outside of human imagination. A concept linked entirely to the existence of man and which man is responsible for.

Liberalism is the freedom of the individual being viewed as more important than facilitating conditions where man can be responsible for his own higher evolution and future development. A very selfish attitude than can only be afforded in times of economic prosperity – the exact and real reason why the far-right always gains support when poverty becomes widespread, not because we seek to be deliberately divisive.

We need to accept the reality: the government of our country, our entire economy and industry as well council housing agencies and the education institution – including the police – are in the grips of and are being run according to the directives of our enemy. We are fighting to recapture our country in an increasingly hostile and foreign environment, on the streets and in the government – the entire civil service is in the hands of the Zionists and their liberal accomplices. Everywhere, there’s a push for ‘diversity’ and an increase in multiculturalism. The effect on the country is devastating and will gradually become worse as the unavoidable result of our disastrous policy towards immigration. No doubt, through an under-handed and subversive campaign which was planned with near scientific scrutiny and executed with ruthless diligence, the Zionists have taken control of the country behind the scenes.

Some would raise the objection that if we became too successful, we’d – as group representatives – be imprisoned and/or unceremoniously executed without any inquiry or investigation at the hands of the Zionists rendering further political activity completely pointless. We don’t doubt that as a possibility if we did overstep our boundaries but even then it wouldn’t be an excuse to not engage in political activism, out of a self-paralyzing fear of the risk involved.

As things gradually become worse and as things become more difficult financially for people to live on a day-to-day basis, as the environment which surrounds us becomes increasingly non-white then we will become more popular and gain more support – by ‘we’ I mean the far-right.

We’ll need an organization which accurately represents us, which unlike other existent organizations doesn’t intend to remain marginalist or to eventually become populist (in the manner of other groups) – which is founded by people who share the same common vision for reformation as well as common sense, not the same people that’ve been involved within the movement for the last twenty years, who don’t highlight or recognize their earlier mistakes and repeat them later. The sort that for twenty or thirty years of activism have nothing to show for it. National Action is primarily intended for the youth. The youth are the key to the future. When people begin supporting us (the far right), they need an organization that they actually can support – that’s respectable, militant, well-organized, and radical and that doesn’t constantly embarrass itself or give it’s enemies ammunition to attack it with due to their own stupidity and lack of foresight. Golden Dawn in Greece are a perfect example of what we’d like to replicate – not their ideas, slogans, meanders, etc. obviously but the actual infrastructure of their organization and it’s development.


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